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The Headliner Newsletter: January - May 2016 Issue 10

South African Rooibos industry battles drought & shortage in 2016

This year’s forecast for Rooibos Tea crop yield is rather bleak when compared to the high total consumption volumes of last year (roughly 15,000 tons). Due to little or no rain during July and August 2015 planting months, the 2016 harvest is expected to show much less yield than in previous years. Many seedlings either did not take or died, which is another factor for lower yields this year. While South Africa is currently still combating its worst drought in two decades, Rooibos harvesting is still going on into April and May. Once the harvest period is finished by then, it will be possible to comment on available yield and firm volumes available for the rest of the year.

Adding global consumers' continued growth in demand to above scenario, supply is now the most important issue on the Rooibos Tea front.

As a result, steeply increased pricing coupled with suppliers’ ‘first-come, first served’ strategies remain current buying direction as many major tea companies and buyers across the globe are securing stock earlier rather than later this year.

All is not too bleak, however. Khoisan Tea increased additional plantings for increased quality supply for the long term some time ago already, and we are still sourcing intelligently to build up stock levels as much as possible. 

Says, Peter Schülke, CEO Khoisan Tea (Pty) Ltd, "It is not so easy this year as farmers' pricing on raw materials has increased so dramatically the pricing factor of Rooibos Tea made national and international news in December 2015. The entire agricultural sector in South Africa is battling due to the drought and we are all working very hard in our industry to keep our clients as happy as is possible under these circumstances," he says.

"It is imperative in the short-term that we make our customers aware of lower crop yields and higher pricing. We will still continue to source excellent grades of Rooibos as much as possible," Schülke adds. 

Consider ready pre-packaged goods

Khoisan Tea has excellent stock levels of Khoisan branded and pre-packaged organic and non-organic Rooibos Teas and many other tasty items. “Our distinct packaging is very popular globally so we are urging many newcomers not to shy away from the current Rooibos situation. While bulk, loose supply is more volume driven, our pre-packaged ranges require less Rooibos volume at value-added level for end consumers. We can extend Rooibos purchasing power in this way and invite importers and distributors worldwide to consider our brand,” he says. 

We’re off to SPAIN! Olé!

Visit us at theSalón Internacional de Alimentación y Bebidas International Food and Drinks Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain from 25 – 28 April 2016.

Stand: A194 - Khoisan Tea (Pty) Ltd 

Hall: 3     Section: Fine Foods

Our objective is to discover key distributors to help us break into the Spanish, French and Portuguese retail markets, which up until now have been importing organic spices, extracts and Rooibos teas largely through neighbouring European countries. “It makes more sense to source from Khoisan Tea directly as we are the origin country for our pre-packaged Rooibos Teas and brand new Rooibos capsules. We also offer an array of organic speciality foods like spice powder, exotic extracts and speciality teas...even organic coffee capsules, so we are a one-stop solution for many food ingredients over and above Rooibos,” says Tobias Gress, GM Khoisan Tea (Pty) Ltd. 


We attended the annual Biofach in Nuremberg, Germany

10-13 February 2016

Our annual trip to the Biofach in Germany again proved most successful.

“We spent valuable time with our important clients and suppliers. Meeting with them in person either at the expo or at their premises to discuss client needs and requirements is absolutely at the top of our agenda every year. We like to prepare our clients for what lies ahead and we like to introduce new options to them as well. We have many new organic products available this year and this offers a wider scope of business with us,” says Gress.

Try our newest 200g Organic Rooibos blended tea range in re-sealable zip-lock ecobags!! 

We add tasty organic ingredients for an awesome variety of blends and taste experiences. Now, there's a Rooibos blend for everybody!  

• 100% Organic Rooibos Cacao Treat Tea

• 100% Organic Zesty Zinger Rooibos Ginger Tea

• 100% Organic Rooibos Peppermint Tea

• 100% Organic Rooibos Berry Delicious Tea

• 100% Organic Rooibos Chamomile Tea 

• 100% Organic Rooibos Chai Tea 

Organic bakery range offers clients new ideas

Our latest reach into awesome organic food products is offering many clients a delicious Khoisan Tea brand extension.

Our clients are extended their market reach by penetrating baking and cooking item aisles in supermarkets,

In addition to organic cinnamon, ginger and liquorice, watch this space for more unique products.