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The Headliner Newsletter: January - July 2017 Issue 13

Fly over Rooibos country – South Africa

Absolutely the quickest and most breath-taking way to view Khoisan Rooibos today is via our newest video.  

We take you on a journey above the Cederberg Mountains in the Western Cape, through our Khoisan Rooibos fields and our production methods. On our website, click on ‘News’ and ‘Videos’ …and enjoy our scenic story. The video is less than ten minutes in length and will leave you with a better understanding of this natural South African region and its Rooibos splendour. 

The time is right for KeNako Our new Rooibos brand 100% taste. 100% appeal.

Called KeNako, our eye-catching and brightly-coloured new brand of non-organic Rooibos consists of 40g tea-bagged retail boxes and 80g loose Rooibos ecobag options for global distributors and their end consumers.

KeNako is a Sotho term meaning ‘It's time’. Sotho is one of South Africa’s 11 official languages and it is spoken mostly in the northern parts of the country. The term KeNako is representative of positive African energy and the power of now.

Our KeNako brand features English and some Spanish, Japanese and Arabic, all in one clean design concept for universal appeal. Importers and distributors can choose from a range that currently contains global top sellers like Rooibos Vanilla, Rooibos Berry Delight, Rooibos Lemoncello, Rooibos Spicy Ginger as well as the unique Rooibos Sweetie Pie and tasty Green (unfermented) Rooibos. There is also the option to add new blends and flavours as each distributor requires. A change in language or a new language label is also possible. Each tea has its own number, so with every new tea, a new number and a new colour would identify a new addition as either Khoisan Tea decides to grow the range or the client does. MOQs apply.

KeNako makes it easy to try new ready-packed Rooibos blends, with plentiful room to expand the range. 

Sustainable, compostable Rooibos and coffee capsules available

Thanks to a sustainable solution with the good of the environment in mind, it is now possible to enjoy Rooibos or coffee capsules without adding plastic waste to the world’s growing rubbish heaps.

In conjunction with our capsule supplier, we now offer our beverage capsules made entirely of raw materials which biodegrade in soil and even marine waters. Our capsules are now cellulose based and 100% biodegradable thanks to patented material composition.

We offer these capsules in a variety of tasty profiles: 100% EU and NOP organic certified Rooibos, Rooibos Vanilla, Rooibos Caramel and three types of organic coffees – Ugandan, Ethiopian and African blend.

The capsules work in most Nespresso™ compatible machines.

Look out for Khoisan Tea capsule ranges specially marked with our green stickers indicating compostable

As always, all Khoisan Tea capsules are BPA free. 

Brand focus is key at worldly 2017 expos

We have successfully exhibited to a wide global audience again this year. Both of our brands, Khoisan Tea and KeNako, have been well represented in various cities to date, with much international success and positive feedback.

Clients continue to welcome our full organic range under the Khoisan Tea brand specifically, while getting to know our new non-organic range under our KeNako brand.

Tokyo:   FOODEXJAPAN in March

Madrid:  SALON DE GOURMETS in April  

Shanghai:  SIAL CHINA in May

Tehran:  IRAN AGRO FOOD in May

Las Vegas:  WORLD TEA EXPO in June


Coming up in September, we will be in Sydney at the FINE FOOD AUSTRALIA 2017 expo. All Australian importers and distributors welcome. Contact Tarin Cameron on

Khoisan Rooibos Matcha wins award at SIAL CHINA 2017

Rooibos Matcha Tea consists solely of 100% finely ground Rooibos. Absolutely nothing else.

While it has the same consistency of Japanese Green Matcha Tea, Rooibos Matcha is a red-brown powder and it is naturally caffeine-free. It is prepared in the same manner as Japanese Green Matcha Tea and can also be added to smoothies, health shakes and more.

At SIAL CHINA in late May, it was voted as one of the show’s most innovate products of the year. “Khoisan Tea has recognized the universal appeal of Rooibos Matcha and we are perfecting it for both bulk and retail purchases as clients discover its unique delicious taste and varied applications,” says Charl Rudman, International Sales Manager.

Contact Charl on